Tate & Darby

Henny Tate and Kirsty Darby – founders of Tate & Darby – first fell in love with the brightly coloured versions of the usually more muted Beni Ourain rugs on a trip to Marrakech. They bought a few home to sell at a pop -up shop they had organised and they sold so well that they went back for more… and more! Each of Tate & Darby’s Beni Ourain rugs is hand made in 100% wool by women’s co-operatives in Morocco, tells a story by the person who made it and promises to be beautiful, comfortable, practical and elevate any space.


We still marvel at the work that goes into each rug. We make every effort to keep our business as sustainable as possible – we don’t want to leave a footprint but we do encourage a hand print.

Henny Tate & Kirsty Darby


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