Felicity Irons

Felicity Irons’ work carries on an age old tradition that goes back many centuries. She spends the summer months of June, July and August harvesting English freshwater bulrush Scirpus Lacustris, Schoeneplectus on the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire, the Nene in Northamptonshire and on the River Ivel in Bedfordshire to create her beautiful pieces. Felicity and her small team cut up to 2 tonnes of rush a day which is then dried against a hedge in the wind and sun for a couple of days. The variation in weather during this process naturally produces extraordinary and beautiful shades of colour: prolonged sun gently bleaches to warm honey tones and during windy weather the colours have more vivid green and blue hues. There are no chemicals used in any part of the process. It is entirely natural.

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