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The Hitch Set of 2

Higgs & Crick


Each one of these hand blown, hand cut, hand polished – and extremely rare – lead crystal glasses is a masterpiece, crafted using nine traditional processes and taking skilled craftsmen over two weeks to create.

If you appreciate the intricacies of creating the finest whiskies and spirits in the world, you will appreciate what it means to drink from one of these glasses.

If Whisky matters to you, you need to treat it to this glass.


As Seen At Crocadon

The © markings on this glass are perfect for free pouring what we think is the perfect single, double or ‘Hitch’ measure of whiskey. We recommend Johnnie Walker Black Label™. “The Breakfast of Champions” and the first choice of our greatest literary hero, the late great Christopher Hitchens.

It takes 2 weeks and 9 people to craft each glass from start to finish.

Each technique and method used in producing this rare 30% lead crystal are the same today as they were 200 years ago.

Care instructions included.

Dimensions: H 98  x W 87  x D 87 mm

Materials: Premium 30% Lead Crystal

Finish: Polished Crystal

Design: © Cuts representing measures Higgs & Crick 2017

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