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Lampshade | Indigo Grid Cotton

Samarkand Design


Beautiful block printed cotton lampshade in an Indigo Grid pattern.



As Seen At Pentillie Castle

15 cm (base) x 9 cm diameter (top) x 12 cm high

25 cm (base) x 15 cm diameter (top) x 18 cm high

30 cm (base) x 20 cm diameter (top) x 18 cm high (we recommend using tall thin bases for this size)

40 cm (base) x  x 26 cm diameter (top) x 25 cm high (we recommend using a medium base of 25 to 45cm high for this size)

45 cm (base) x 29 cm diameter (top) x 29 cm high (we recommend using a medium base about 40cm to 50cm high for this size)

50cm  (base) x 33cm diameter (top) x 33cm high.

Cotton Voile

Hand Block Printed

Shade Carriers & Duplex Fitting (the ring inset frame) included for 45cm (6″) and 50cm (7″). Other sizes available on request if you prefer your shade to sit higher/lower.

15 cm / 25cm / 30cm shades comes with an E27 fitting which enables the shade to be screwed onto the base.

Not the right size? Other sizes available on request. Please just contact us and we can help you.

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