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NORDIC FEASTING | A Supper Club by Caro x Hana

July, 2018

We love a good collaboration, and this might be our favourite of the summer so far: Caro x Hana.  Otherwise known as Natalie – the creative brains behind the wonderful concept store Caro in Bruton – and the super-talented stylist Hana Snow.   Everything that these ladies touch is beautiful and effortlessly stylish, and their first event together- a Nordic Supper at The Space at Caro in Bruton – was no exception. 

A feast for the senses and a feast for the soul in equal measure, this was more than just a supper party.   Inspired by windswept walks through Nordic forests, finishing on a grass-strewn beach, it was a considered journey through a Nordic landscape which was beautifully reflected in everything from the ingredients used to craft the menu and the pieces that graced the table. 

The linen napkins had been slowly dyed with cloves, a key ingredient to the menu for the evening;  the restorative Nordic fare was the perfect Husmanskost – a natural and honest meal made with the staple produce found on the land – and utterly delicious;  and not least, the hanging installation crafted by Hana from wheat and water reeds oozed ethereal beauty and spoke of the journey and the passing of time one might spend on a Nordic beach as the grasses turn a golden haze in the sunshine. 

The sum of the parts was a uniquely Nordic and effortlessly joyous: a food experience brought to life in Bruton but unquestionably rooted in the natural beauty of Northern Europe and delivered with aplomb.   

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Caro x Hana do next.  Watch this space

Beautiful images captured by Emma Lewis.

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The Menu

Aquavit and Tonic with Cucumber and Dill


 Saffron and Dill Fish Soup – a gently, Fragrant Broth with Langoustines and White Fish

‘Burning Love’ – Smashed Celeriac and Carrot with Coriander-spiced Walnuts and Kale


Nordic Saffron, Orange and Dill Chicken with Caraway Potatoes

Orange infused Chicken Stew with Anchovies and Capers

Kroppkakor with Wild Mushrooms and Lingonberries

Classic Swedish Potato Dumplings stuffed with Mushrooms and Thyme


Danish Marengs Kys and Cardamom-spiced Rhubarb


Coffee with Nordic Gingerbread: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger Thins

Words by Sophie Coryton | Images by Emma Lewis

The Room Service